(zirconium-dioxide ceramic)

Zerion® is a high-performance ceramic suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

Product characteristics
  • Broad range of applications, from frameworks to full anatomic restorations, for high flexibility
  • Highly stable frameworks designed for a predictable prosthetic result1
  • Available in 9 LT (low translucency) and 4 HT (high translucency) colors
Processing options
  • Veneering required for zerion® LT
  • Polishing required for zerion® HT
Attachment options
  • Adhesive cementation
  • Conventional cementation
Available applications for zerion® LT
Available applications for zerion® HT

1 Up to 4 pontics in the anterior region and up to 2 pontics in the posterior region for zerion® LT

2 Veneerable inlay