Straumann® SLA®

The Straumann SLA® surface is one of the best documented surfaces in dental implantology. Over the last 20 years, implants with Straumann® SLA® surface have delivered excellent long-term results with documented success rates to match. More than 100 clinical and preclinical SLA® studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals including those with more than 10 years of observation time.

*Selected Publications Straumann® SLA®

A 5-year prospective multicenter study of early loaded titanium implants with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface.

Cochran DL, Jackson JM, Bernard JP, ten Bruggenkate CM, Buser D, Taylor TD, Weingart D, Schoolfield JD, Jones AA, Oates TW Jr. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2011 Nov-Dec;26(6):1324-32. PMID:22167440.

Clinical field trial examining an implant with a sand-blasted, acid-etched surface.

Cochran D, Oates T, Morton D, Jones A, Buser D, Peters F. J Periodontol. 2007 Jun;78(6):974-82. PMID:17539708.

Early loading of non-submerged titanium implants with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface. 5-year results of a prospective study in partially edentulous patients.

Bornstein MM, Schmid B, Belser UC, Lussi A, Buser D. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2005 Dec;16(6):631-8.PMID:16307568.

Early loading (2 or 6 weeks) of sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) ITI implants in the posterior mandible. A 1-year randomized controlled clinical trial.

Salvi GE, Gallini G, Lang NP.  Clin Oral Implants Res. 2004 Apr;15(2):142-9. PMID:15008926.

Biologic width around titanium implants. A histometric analysis of the implanto-gingival junction around unloaded and loaded nonsubmerged implants in the canine mandible.

Cochran DL, Hermann JS, Schenk RK, Higginbottom FL, Buser D. J Periodontol. 1997 Feb;68(2):186-98. PMID:9058338.

*Selected publications. No guarantee of completeness.