Instructions for Use (IFU)

We are happy to announce a new online platform to consult the instructions for use (IFU) of the Straumann® products:

Under this address you can find IFUs in a redesigned and user-friendly PDF-format that you can read, save and print easily. The search works either with product category filters or directly by entering the product number (REF). Some other brochures, handling instructions will complete the offering of this portal.

Most of the products are already covered, but we will continuously make further IFUs available on this platform. At a later stage, we will be able to remove the paper IFU and thus reduce the amount of paper used, as well as reduce the packaging size. This change will be possible in the European Union countries, in the USA, Switzerland, Norway and some other countries. This change will be done product group by product group:

  • CARES® abutments, monolithic restorations, SRBB and Variobase™ are delivered without paper IFU since 29th of May 2013
  • Non-sterile prosthetics components and instruments shall follow during Q4 this year
  • Sterile products shall follow next year

Please note: this new symbol on the product packaging label will indicate that it has been switched to the new paperless solution.

You can always contact your local customer service in order to get a free printed version if requested. This will be sent within 5 working days.

We are convinced that this new solution will offer numerous advantages, like quicker availability of updated IFU information, information about archived IFUs, lower storage volume and lower waste, which will be beneficial for our environment.