botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder - Customized allogenic bone block

The maxgraft® bonebuilder is a new innovative, customized allogenic bone block which is individually designed and adjusted to the desired 3-dimensional bone contour. Based on planning data and clinician-approved, the bonebuilder is produced by a milling machine and is provided in a sterile condition ready for implantation.

The bonebuilder is the ideal bone substitute to rebuild 3-dimensional defects and to reconstruct the ridge, allowing a patient friendly treatment.
  • Easy to apply because it is designed to fit perfectly to the recipient site
  • Saves chair-site time compared to autologous blocks
  • Reduces pain medication and post-operative complications due to reduced surgical time
  • Maximum contact between graft and bone for improved vascularization
  • Eliminates the need to harvest autologous bone, reducing patient morbidity and discomfort

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder
Courtesy of Dr. Michele Jacotti, Brescia/Italy

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder is best suited for

  • Implantology
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery


  • Physiological structure provides ideal matrix for revascularization and osseous integration
  • Maximum contact area between graft and the bone is ensured; fast vascularization and regeneration of the graft is supported
  • The natural collagen content leads to an increased flexibility which facilitates screw fixation


  • Extensive bone defects
  • Atrophic maxilla/mandibula
  • Horizontal/vertical augmentation