botiss maxgraft® bonering - Processed allogenic bonering

The maxgraft® bonering is a pre-fabricated ring of processed allogenic donor bone, which is placed press-fit into a trephine drill-prepared ring bed.

The bonering with its technique is your innovative solution for 3-dimensional vertical augmentation of bone defects with a single-stage graft and implant placement. The simultaneous implant placement saves you and your patient time and a surgical step compared to a conventional bone block.
  • Reduces chair time by 45 to 60 minutes
  • Eliminates the need for second harvesting site with all associated complications of autogenous blocks
  • Increases the possibility of a shorter time-to-teeth, and reduces overall treatment costs

botiss maxgraft® bonering

botiss maxgraft® bonering
Courtesy of Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen, Kassel/Germany

botiss maxgraft® bonering is best suited for

  • Implantology


  • Simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement significantly reduces treatment time compared with a bone block
  • Ring design is ideally suited for reconstruction of the anatomical shape of the jaw


  • Vertical augmentation (3-dimensional defects with low-grade horizontal augmentation)
  • Single-tooth gap
  • Edentulous space
  • Sinus lift (not indicated for the Straumann® Bone Level Implant and for implant systems for which an implant cover screw is available that is larger than the coronal implant diameter)