botiss mucoderm® - 3D-soft tissue graft

mucoderm® provides a true alternative in certain indications to the patient’s own connective tissue. This stable 3-dimensional collagen soft tissue replacement, made of porcine dermis, supports fast revascularization and soft tissue integration, including color and texture. mucoderm® can help you increase patient acceptance:

  • Reduces surgical chair-time
  • Avoids donor-site morbidity
  • Eliminates pain of tissue harvesting
The mucoderm® has been successfully used in more than 20.000 treatments.

botiss mucoderm®

botiss mucoderm®
Courtesy of Dr. Algirdas Puišys, Vilnius/Lithuania

mucoderm® is best suited for

  • Implantology
  • Periodontology
  • Oral and craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgery


  • 3-dimensional matrix supports fast vascularization and integration
  • Complete remodeling into patient’s own tissue within 6 – 9 months – a viable alternative to the patient’s own tissue in certain indications
  • High tensile strength allows mucoderm® to be shaped and used for any surgical soft tissue techniques (incl. the tunnel technique)


  • Root coverage
  • Broadening of attached gingiva
  • Soft tissue augmentation/thickening