Straumann® CARES® Customized Prosthetics through the Straumann® CARES® Scan & Shape service.

Now any dentist can get Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics from their preferred laboratory.

Why choose Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics – a customized CADCAM solution for every patient:

1. Individualized shape and angulation (within design limits)

  • Generates final abutments which are designed to fit in each clinical case

2. Patient-specific emergence profile

  • Individualized soft tissue management and is designed for successful esthetic outcome

Why use original Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics?

All our components complement each other in a precisely harmonized system combining excellence, quality and great flexibility. Straumann ensures the consistent quality of all original Straumann components through high precision manufacturing and thorough inspection processes.

Straumann knows the exact dimensions, tolerances and materials of Straumann implants, and can therefore optimally harmonize the design between Straumann implants and their corresponding Straumann components.

How to get Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics

Original CARES® prosthetics are now available from any dental laboratory via a CARES® system or our CARES® Scan & Shape service. Make sure your prosthetics are original by prescribing CARES® Prosthetics for your next implant case.

For laboratories

The Straumann® CARES® Scan & Shape Service offers your laboratory the following major benefits:

A. Access to the authentic high-quality customised Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics

  • Customized abutments with minimal disruption to your existing workflow
  • No initial investment needed in any specific hardware or software
  • No need to acquire prosthetic software design skills

B. Potential to increase profitability as Straumann supports you with highly skilled CADCAM dental technicians

  • Accept more CADCAM orders without increasing labour costs for additional dental technicians or specialized skills required for digital design work
  • Your technicians can focus on the fine art of finishing the esthetics of the restorations before returning them to dentist and patient

C. Simplicity and Quality

  • Easy and efficient process from sending the model to receiving the final customised Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics
  • Obtain detailed digital proposals by our skilled and experienced CADCAM dental technicians on our Straumann® CARES® Scan & Shape team
  • Benefit from The Straumann® Guarantee on every customized prosthesis produced

D. Master the final result

  • You keep control of the final shape of your Straumann® CARES® customized prosthesis through the use of our order form and the digital proposal approval step
  • You can also create wax-ups of the required design and we will scan and produce the required abutment to the design you created

To start using the service, please order your CARES® Scan & Shape pack from customer services +44 (0)1293 651240.