Implant-specific applications

With iTero™, Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions offers a new and unique complete digital workflow for implant restorations.

From intra-oral scan to customized abutment

Starting with an intra-oral scan of the implant site, the customized Straumann® CARES® abutment or full contour crown is designed to provide accuracy together with time and cost efficiency through the whole restorative procedure.

  • Simple
    The digital implant workflow eliminates time-consuming manual steps in the dental practice and in the laboratory. There is no need for the dentist to order and stock implant impression pieces and parts – only a scanbody is required.
  • Accurate
    Digital impressions allow for immediate quality control by the dentist and result in an excellent impression being sent to the laboratory. High precision is achieved from the intra-oral scan to the final production of the prosthetic restoration.
  • Efficient
    Digital impressions eliminate or reduce impression retakes and restoration remakes, ensuring that seating appointments are efficient due to the excellent occlusion and contact-points of the restoration.

Digital workflow for implant restorations: four steps

1. Dentist

Scan the scanbody directly on the implant with iTero™ intra-oral scanning and send the digital data to your partner laboratory.

2. Laboratory

Design the customized Straumann® CARES® Abutment in Straumann® CARES® Visual and send data to the Straumann milling center for production.

3. Laboratory

Finalize the restoration using the high-precision Straumann® CARES® Abutment, iTero™ model, Straumann® Repositionable implant analog, and full contour crown.

4. Dentist

Serve patient with high-quality customized restoration designed to provide optimal function and esthetics.

To find out more about the iTero™ scanning technology here or watch the video on intra-oral scanning.

iTero™ is a trademark of CADENT Ltd, Israel.
* For validated workflow only. Precision is understood as the match of restoration with design data provided by the dental technician.