iTero™ precision milled models in polyurethane combine accuracy and utility for both tooth-borne and implant-borne indications.
iTero™ model made of stable polyurethane material

Features and benefits

Made of a stable polyurethane material, the iTero™ model offers numerous advantages:

  • Precision for both tooth-borne and implant-borne indications and even full arch cases
  • Serves as working model and master model due to the customized removable teeth and Straumann® repositionable implant analog
  • Material resistant to damage during normal laboratory use
  • Robust and re-usable metal articulators allow for full 3D movements and are compatible with both quadrant and full arch cases

iTero™ is a trademark of CADENT Ltd, Israel.
* For validated workflow only. Precision is understood as the match of restoration with design data provided by the dental technician.