Screw-retained solutions Bone Level

Straumann® Variobase®

Straumann® Variobase® offers you extended resto­ration options with maximum design freedom.

Straumann® Variobase® for crown for your sin­gle-unit restorations is now available in two abut­ment heights.

Straumann® Variobase® for bridge/bar. Enjoy the excellent Straumann product performance now also for your multi-unit restorations of straight and tilted* Straumann implants.

* Variobase® can be used to compensate up to 30° divergence between two implants; Variobase® copings can be used in combination with Straumann® Screw-retained Abutments to compensate larger divergence.

Features and benefits

  • Minimal abutment height providing maximum design flexibility
  • Saving time by skipping sandblasting process
  • Pressing or casting techniques – Easily and accurately wax up the prosthetic restoration with the Burn-out Copings
  • Digitally produced restorations – Choose from a variety of possibilities, whether you own a CARES® system or not

Straumann® Variobase® Family

Newly available with a customizable abutment height

Minimal abutment height providing maximum design flexibility

You can rely on perfect design harmony between Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components.

Straumann® Variobase for CEREC®

The chair-side implant-borne workflow provides a quick, effi­cient and cost-effective way to restore your implant cases. And it allows you to keep the whole value chain within your dental practice. Now, with the Straumann® Variobase® for CEREC® you can make use of all these benefits, plus you get the Straumann® original connection and an optimized abutment design for the Bone Level Implant platforms.

Designed for chair-side implant-borne CAD/CAM restorations

The Variobase® for CEREC comes with a chimney which is com­patible with the pre-fabricated screw hole of CAD/CAM material blocks available on the market. It is the perfect link between your implants and the corresponding restoration materials.

The original implant-abutment connection

You can rely on perfect design harmony between Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. Use the Straumann® original connection to benefit from:
  • Perfectly matching components
  • Reliability through proven long-term clinical evidence
  • Excellent service and support
  • 10-year Straumann® Guarantee1

The abutment design makes the difference for your patient

The concave collar design of the Variobase® for CEREC is intended to provide an optimized emergence profile for your Bone Level Implants. Your patients will benefit thanks to an easier cleaning procedure compared to a convex collar design.

Straumann® Gold Abutment for crown

The customizable one-piece solution for anterior zone esthetics.

Features and benefits


  • Easy wax-up and protection of the screw channel due to modeling aid (burn-out polymer)
  • Easy-to-achieve esthetics due to individual contouring of the emergence profile and adaptation to the margin of the gingival contour


  • With the original Straumann® CrossFit® connection

Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment

With its sleek design, the new Straumann Screw-retained abutment completes the Straumann prosthetic portfolio.

Features and benefits

  • Different abutment angulations of 17° and 30°
  • A variety of gingiva heights (1.0mm, 2.5mm and 4.0mm)
  • Same connector design for all diameters allows for a streamlined portfolio of tertiary components
  • Only 2 diameters to cover complete Straumann BL product line
  • Multi-unit as well as single-unit restorations
  • High restorative flexibility
  • Efficiency due to sleek design and clear portfolio
  • Straumann® Screw-retained Abutments For situations requiring added flexibility
  • Copings for Screw-retained Abutments Comprehensive set of tertiary components for high restorative flexibility
  • Straumann® Pro Arch Solution
Straumann® Screw-retained Abutments 1 Copings for Screw-retained Abutments 2 Straumann® Pro Arch Solution3

Straumann® Anatomic IPS e.max Abutment

Esthetic restorations with a high degree of flexibility.

Features and benefits


  • Processing of a highly esthetic ceramic abutment in different colors with conventional lab methods
  • Less grinding necessary due to prepared mucosa margins
  • Adaptation to natural soft tissue contour due to prepared mucosa margins in different heights
  • Oval shape resembles emergence profile of a natural tooth


  • Biocompatible and low thermal conductivity
  • High-performance all-ceramics thanks to a high strength and high fracture toughness
  • Reduced risk of margins shining through the soft tissue even with thin mucosa biotype
  • CrossFit® Connection

Available in two shades for highly esthetic restorations. Maximum flexibility due to anatomic shapes in two gingiva heights (2 and 3.5 mm) and two angles (0° and 15°)

Straumann® CARES® Abutment Zirconium-dioxide

Straumann® provides efficient and predictable high-quality CADCAM abutments made of zirconium dioxide for high-end esthetics in the anterior region.

Features and benefits

High efficiency

  • Maximum flexibility (within design specifications) regarding the abutment design
  • Patient-specific emergence profile supports optimal esthetic outcome
  • Full ceramic abutment designed for perfect highly esthetic restorations. The abutment of choice in the anterior region and for patients with thin gingiva

High precision

  • Excellent material properties designed for high precision and reliability
  • Straumann® Guarantee1

1 For applicable terms and conditions of the Straumann® Guarantee (including the German territory) please refer to to the Straumann® Guarantee brochure.

Straumann® CARES® Screw-retained Bridges

Direct connection to the implant

  • No additional abutment required (reduces complexity and costs).
    No cementing (reduced risk of periimplantitis due to residual cement).

Abutment Level Connection

  • Align the insertion axis of highly divergent implants
  • Reduce soft tissue injuries when removing the framework for maintenance

Easy maintenance

  • The framework can be unscrewed for maintenance, if necessary.

Product characteristics

  • 2 to 16 elements1   
  • Placement on 2 to 16 interfaces
    • Tissue Level implant platforms
    • Bone Level implant platforms
    • Combination of Tissue Level and Bone Level platforms
    • Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment
  • Delivered with machine-smoothed surface

1 Maximum number of anterior pontics: 4 Maximum number of posterior pontics: 3 Maximum number of free-end pontics: 1 per end

Straumann® CARES® Screw-retained Bridges are available for Tissue Level, Bone Level, mixed tissue level and Bone Level cases and Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment.

Available in these Straumann® CARES® materials:

CARES® Screw-retained Bridge, for ceramic veneering (PFM)

1For applicable terms and conditions of the Straumann® Guarantee (including the Guarantee territory), please refer to the Straumann® Guarantee brochure (152.360/en)