Straumann® Locator®.

The flexible prosthetic system for the fixation of full dentures on two or more implants.

Straumann® Locator®

The Locator®1, which is available in different heights, offers secure and very easy incorporation of a denture through its special design, even if a divergence of up to 40° between two implants has to be compensated.
For the attachment in the prosthesis, easily exchanged plastic rentention inserts with varying retention forces are available.

Features and benefits

1.    Locator® design - compensates implant divergence of up to 40°

2.    Snap fastener principle - very easy insertion and removal of the denture

3.    Various secondary parts - 6 different construction heights always provide a solution

4.    System-specific parts - components and accessories are optimally matched

Fixation of overdentures on implants with a minimum diameter of 4.1 mm

1 Locator® is a registered trademark of Zest IP Holdings LLC, USA.