More than treating healthy patients. Broadening treatment potential.

General health factors influence the success of implant treatment. Medical history, compromised health, periodontal situation and oral hygiene have to be considered for a successful treatment.

SLActive® is broadening treatment potential for all your patients.16 – 23

Better prognosis for diabetic conditions

There are nearly 400 million people with diabetes worldwide, about half are undiagnosed16. A preclinical study showed that untreated diabetes mellitus has negative effects on the early osseointegration of dental implants. SLActive® accelerated the osseointegration of dental implants suggesting that a better prognosis for implant treatment in diabetic conditions is possible. SLActive® Implants showed a significantly higher BIC and higher peri-implant bone density compared to hydrophobic implants.17

Enhance bone healing in osteoporotic situations

It is estimated that over 200 million people worldwide are suffering from osteoporosis.18 Osteoporosis can compromise the bone formation. Using the SLActive® surface may promote bone healing and osseointegration in an osteoporotic situation according to a preclinical study.19

Vertical bone availability is no longer a limitation

The average age of the world population is rapidly increasing. Until 2050, the population over 60 will double (from 11 % in 2000 to 22 %, WHO)20. The population over 65 with severely resorbed mandibles will increase to 17 % in Europe by 2030, and to 25 % in the US by 2050 21,22. The 5-year data of a multicenter study with the 4 mm Straumann® Standard Plus Short Implants and SLActive® restored with Fixed Dental Prostheses (FDPs) in severely resorbed posterior mandibles showed a high survival rate of 94 % and minimal marginal bone loss (MBL). This result supports that SP Short Implants with the SLActive® surface can be used in FDPs in severely atrophic mandibles without the need for bone augmentation.23


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Precaution: Special attention should be given to patients who have local or systemic factors that could interfere with the healing process. For further informaiton please read Straumann instruction for use.