Straumann®Standard Plus 4 mm Short Implant

The new Straumann® Short Implant is Straumann’s shortest implant. This implant has 5 years of proven clinical data1 in the posterior regions, where limited vertical bone is available. The implant features:

  • Standard Plus design for easy oral hygiene in the posterior regions
  • synOcta® internal connection ensuring compatibility with the existing Soft Tissue Level prosthetic portfolio
  • Bone Level thread to increase the implant to bone contact surface
  • SLActive® surface on Roxolid® and the new Loxim™ Transfer Piece, the most advanced Straumann® technology combined with ease of use

The implant is available as Ø 4.1mm RN, Ø 4.8mm RN and WN

Our Soft Tissue Level Implants are also available as guided implants. The guided and standard implants are identical and use the same prosthetic components, but feature a different transfer piece.

1Four-millimeter implants supporting fixed partial dental prostheses in the severely resorbed posterior mandible: two-year results, Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2012 May;14 Suppl 1:e46-58