Straumann® Original for LABS.
When failure is not an option.

Using your expertise to produce something unique. Your love of detail and in-depth know-how form the basis for outstanding quality dental restorations, which give many people back the quality of life they have often forgotten they ever had.

Are your customers aware of your premium work?

Your high class workmanship ensures the success of treatment. But do your customers know the high standards you meet to achieve these results? Are your customers actually aware of the nuances which shape success and failure in your daily work? Could extensive marketing of your precision work bring a worthwhile boost to the commercial success of your lab?

Stand out from your competition!

Demonstrate your workmanship with our Straumann® Original seal of quality. Tap into the perfect opportunity to become a leading example of quality and sustainability on the dental market.

From your very first purchase of a Straumann® abutment, not only do you benefit from proven Straumann quality, you also show current and potential customers your expertise. Take advantage of this, and grow your client base.

How does it work?

Differentiate your lab by using the Straumann Original quality label.

Become an ambassador of original products!

If you are convinced of the quality of original components, show your customers that your lab doesn't compromise on quality. Communicate the value of your lab to the rest of the world. We provide extensive support.


Make this proof of quality visible in your lab!

Quality label

Demonstrate your workmanship in your communication channels by using the Straumann original label on:
  • Website
  • Stationery
  • Social media etc.

Sample letter

Use our template letter to inform your customers or prospects about the high quality your lab is delivering.

Lab finder

This is an online platform where dentists can search for dental labs. The criteria for inclusion in the Lab Finder are strict, so dentists are immediately drawn to you as a Straumann® Original Ambassador.


  • We draw attention to the performance of our ambassadors of original products
  • We make all our communication and commercialization expertise available
  • We generate interest amongst (potential) customers, dentists