More than service. The partner of choice.

Having pioneered many of the most influential technologies and techniques in our field, we have a tradition of doing more to advance dental regeneration, restoration, and replacement, as well as patient care. To us, “simply doing more” is not merely a  catchphrase, it is a philosophy that drives our day-to-day operations for the benefit of you and your patients.


  • The Straumann® Guarantee applies to Straumann® products that are used in combination with other original Straumann® products
  • Customer service to address your needs and direct sales force to assist you with your referral network
  • STARGET magazine with the latest relevant news on Straumann® dental
    solutions and expert insights
  • Straumann® Classic is Straumann’s commitment to supply prosthetic components for all Straumann® implant types in the event of the need for a repeat restoration. For all Straumann® implants placed since 1974, you can order an appropriate prosthetic component through Straumann® Classic


  • Patient information and 3:1 illustration models that help you to present dental treatment solutions to patients


  • Training and education programs to achieve optimal treatment outcomes and security in product handling


  • Practice building tools to help you improve your practice standards