Straumann® Guided Surgery product solutions

Straumann® Guided Surgery is a flexible, precise and simple solution for having access to a guided surgery procedure using the digital planning workflow.


Product features at a glance

  • Guided Surgery instruments & implants are compatible with coDiagnostiX™ and several other commercially available software systems*
  • High precision in surgical procedures due to sophisticated Guided Surgery instruments
  • Physical depth control for drilling and implant insertion
  • One easy-to-use kit including all instruments for all implant lines of the Straumann® Dental Implant System
  • Instruments follow the existing Straumann® Surgical Protocol
  • User-friendly handling through simple instrument layout and color-coded sequences

Straumann® Guided Implants

Confidence during the surgical procedure

The Straumann® Guided Implant has a special Transfer Piece that fits the Surgical Sleeve for fully guided implant insertion including physical depth control and gives peace of mind during the surgical procedure.

Guided Transfer Piece

The Guided Transfer Piece fits with the Surgical Sleeve and ensures a fully guided implant insertion with a physical depth control with the stop key.

Surgical Sleeve

The surgical template contains the Surgical Sleeve that guides the surgical instruments and the implant for a precise guided surgery procedure.

Orientation for Bone Level implants

The marking on the Bone Level Guided Transfer Piece allows you to visualize the implant connection position.

Straumann® Guided Surgery Instruments

Efficiency during the surgical procedure

The Guided Surgery instruments are used for a fully guided implant bed preparation in combination with a surgical template containing Surgical Sleeve. They are used according to the Surgical Protocol provided by the planning software and support for saving chair times during the surgical procedure. Furthermore, Guided Surgery assists you in performing minimally invasive surgery and may thus result in a less painful procedure for the patient.

Straumann® Guided Drill

The  Guided Drill has a specific design with a collar for a physical depth control through the Drill Handle.

Straumann® Drill Handle

The Drill Handle has an ergonomic design with color-code and symbol-marked. The Drill Handle cylinder fits into the Sleeve and ensures a drilling guidance.