Edentulous solutions

Straumann also offers a range of prosthetic treatment solutions for edentulous patients.

NEW: Straumann®SFI-Anchor®*

With its unique angulation compensation, the new Straumann® SFI-Anchor® addresses current pain points of other removable overdenture products available on the market. Its innovative design offers the following benefits:

The new Straumann® SFI-Anchor® compensates an implant divergence of up to 60° (TRUE ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY).

The design properties of the Straumann® SFI-Anchor® Abutment (STAR SHAPE) combine patient-friendly handling and comfortable cleaning.

The Straumann® SFI-Anchor® offers smaller product dimensions compared to the major existing systems on the market.

The new Straumann® SFI-Anchor® is available in three versions:

Standard cases Straumann® SFI-Anchor® D20 Abutment
Cases with high implant divergence Straumann® SFI-Anchor® D60 Abutment
As an additional retention element on CADCAM-milled bars Straumann® SFI-Anchor® CD20 Abutment

Straumann® SFI-Anchor® D20 Abutment

Straumann® SFI-Anchor® D60 Abutment

Straumann® SFI-Anchor® CD20 Abutment

The portfolio also contains corresponding retention inserts made of Pekkton® for optimal wear resistance and reliable retention strengths, as well as one retention insert made of Elitor® for high retention strengths.

System Overview


Basic solutions: standard retentive elements hold the denture securely in place with a minimum of implants. Treatment length is short as dental lab work is minimal.


LOCATOR®-retained overdentures are specifically well-suited if different abutment heights are required and/or if the implant axes diverge up to 40°. The self-locating design of the LOCATOR® components allows patients to easily seat their dentures.

Retentive anchor

The time-proven solution based on the well-established ball and socket principle with titanium and gold matrices.


The retention concept for exceptionally easy handling and cleaning, especially suitable for compromised elderly patients.

Bar with pre-fabricated parts

The solution for immediate loading in the mandible, as recommended in the ITI consensus paper.1


Advanced solutions: prosthetic components are individualized by the dental lab to accommodate the individual patient situation, providing better esthetics and firmer denture fit for improved comfort.

Individualized bar construction

Individualized bar construction that exactly accommodates each patient’s mouth situation.

Telescopic construction

The customizable, removable solution that feels as stable as a fixed restoration and is particularly easy to clean.

1 Proceedings of the 3rd ITI Consensus Conference. Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial implants, Vol. 19 supplement, 2004.
SFI-Anchor® is designed and manufactured by Cendres+Métaux SA. SFI-Anchor® is exclusively distributed by Straumann. SFI-Anchor® is a registered trademark of Cendres+Métaux SA.
Elitor®/Pekkton® is a registered trademark of Cendres+Métaux SA.
Locator® is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors.