A Real Breakthrough in Implantology.

Roxolid® SLActive® – Setting New Standards, Reducing Invasiveness

Roxolid® is a unique dental implant material specifically designed for use in dental implantology. The innovative metal alloy consists of titanium and zirconium. It features the highly osteoconductive SLActive® surface and combines high mechanical strength1,2 with excellent osseointegration properties3,4,5,6,7,8.

Roxolid® SLActive® is available on all Straumann implant lines and diameters and features the new Loxim™ Transfer Piece that allows an easy handling.

The growing clinical evidence further reinforces that Roxolid® SLActive® is Straumann’s best material-surface combination. Thanks to the outstanding mechanical and surface properties, Roxolid® SLActive® Implants allow clinicians to choose smaller sized implants if a GBR procedure can be avoided. As a consequence, dental implant treatment has the potential to become less invasive.

Treating patients without invasive grafting procedures, gives dental professionals the opportunity to offer their patients a faster treatment at a lower cost.


  • Roxolid® SLActive® Implants are offered as Ø3.3mm, Ø4.1mm and Ø4.8mm Standard, Standard Plus, Tapered Effect and Bone Level Implants.
  • The NNC Implant is available as 3.3mm implant only.
  • The new 4mm Short Implant is available as Ø4.1mm RN, Ø4.8mm RN, and Ø4.8mm WN.


  • Roxolid® is a unique dental implant material specifically designed for the use in dental implantology. The innovative metal alloy consists of titanium and zirconium and helps to offer high confidence, a high level of flexibility and increased patient acceptance.

Mechanical tests have demonstrated a significantly higher tensile strength of Roxolid®2 compared to annealed1 or cold-worked titanium2

1 Norm ASTM F67 (states min. tensile strength of annealed titanium)

2 Data on file for Straumann cold-worked titanium and Roxolid® Implants


SLActive® has the topography of the well-documented Straumann® SLA surface. By altering the surface chemistry, the SLActive® surface becomes chemically active and hydrophilic.

SLActive® has been designed to deliver
  • Higher security and faster osseointegration for every indication1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Reduced healing times from 6-8 weeks down to 3-4 weeks2
  • Increased treatment predictability in critical protocols8
  • The outstanding performance of the SLActive® surface was demonstrated in various pre-clinical and clinical studies. Roxolid® Implants have not only shown superior osseointegration capabilities compared to Titanium SLActive® Implants; these excellent osseointegration properties have also been demonstrated for the first time in a compromised model.

Loxim™ transfer piece

The Straumann® Roxolid® SLActive® Implants will be delivered with the new Loxim™ Transfer Piece,
which is connected to the implant with a snap-in mounting. Its new design offers various new features
and benefits:


Straumann® Roxolid® SLActive® Implants offer lots of benefits to clinicians and patients.

Benefits for clinicians
  • Decreased surgical time*
  • Reduced incidence of post-surgical complications*
  • Less complexity*
  • Potential to gain more patients for implant treatment*
Benefits for patients
  • Less operative trauma*
  • Shorter treatment time*
  • Less expensive*
  • Less pain*
  • Faster healing*
  • Less postoperative discomfort*

* compared to a procedure with GBR